Team Members

Mrinzi is passionate on diversity and ready for life’s challenges and coming up with its solutions. He likes to visit new places and meet new people during his free time. His favourite music is Rhumba which has derived his nickname ‘Simba wa Rhumba.’

“MainManRio” is a joyful and entertaining individual who loves to make people laugh. With his vibrant personality and storytelling skills, he creates a captivating atmosphere. He has a deep passion for music and radiates positive vibes.

Qadra Hussein is a young and vibrant lady who connects with people through engaging conversations and storytelling. She has a keen interest in learning about different cultures and is an avid reader and writer. With her intelligence and charisma, she aspires to make a difference in the field of journalism.

CJ is a motivational speaker who empowers the youth. He is a dedicated individual who works hard for his family. Besides presenting, he enjoys being a master of ceremonies, reading books, and going on adventures with his loved ones. Dancing is his stress-relief and a way to express himself.

Abdhalla Mazera Alii, known as Dullah wa Getto, is a passionate radio journalist who has been involved in various roles since 2017. He has a love for football, both as a player and a spectator. Traveling, exploring new places, and experiencing different cultures are among his interests. He is always ready to take on new […]

Yuge Bwize is a radio presenter who values his interactions with friends and has a heart for helping others. He is a sports enthusiast, enjoying swimming, playing volleyball, and being a football fan. Spending time with family is important to him, and his favourite food is ugali and fish. He is passionate about using media […]

Joan Kimani, also known as Madam Mapesa, is a passionate radio presenter who enjoys good music, traveling, and playing golf. She is a dedicated fan of Manchester City and appreciates the pleasures of good food and engaging conversations. With her background as a lawyer, she combines her expertise and enthusiasm to connect with her audience.

Makasy17 is a creative and passionate individual who explores various aspects of life. His love for music is evident through his diverse taste and ability to play musical instruments. He is an avid traveler, enjoys making connections with people, and expresses himself through writing, sports, filmmaking, and cooking.

Rossette Abdhalla is a multi-talented individual, working as a radio presenter, journalist, live band singer, Mcee, fashion and runway model, peer educator, and animator. She has a deep love for radio, TV, and singing. She has diverse interests, including comedy, documentaries, K-dramas, Marvel and DC movies, and K-pop. She aims to break stereotypes and spread […]

 Fahima Ramadhan is a radio presenter and news writer at Mo Radio. She aspires to become a television news anchor. As an extrovert, she enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing diverse cultures. She is passionate about impacting lives and being a role model in society.

DJ Gascoigne is a versatile, reliable, and responsible individual with a passion for disc jockeying. He excels in creating a lively atmosphere and has talents in cocktail mixing. Additionally, he is passionate about coaching boxing, assisting others, and advancing his career. He looks forward to becoming a DJ cum radio presenter and expanding his role […]

Apart from his career, Omar Mazera enjoys playing and watching football. He has a passion for traveling and discovering new cultures and traditions. Politics is another area of interest for him. He relishes Ugali and nyama choma as his favourite meal and listens to smooth Rhumba music in his free time.

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