Michelle Ntalami Announces she is Born Again: “I Had a Life-Changing Encounter with God Himself”

Written by on 21 May 2024

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 21- Renowned businesswoman Michelle Ntalami, known for her entrepreneurial acumen and influence, has made a profound personal revelation.

In a heartfelt message shared recently, Ntalami announced that she has become born again following a life-changing spiritual encounter.

In her announcement, Ntalami expressed that despite her business successes, she had been struggling with deep emotional wounds from various life experiences.

The turning point came last year when, feeling utterly broken, she cried out to God in desperation. What followed was a transformative experience that she describes as an overpowering rush of love and light, accompanied by hearing a divine voice call her name three times.

“On the 21st of August 2023, I had a life-changing encounter with God Himself,” Ntalami shared. “In an instant, I felt the most overpowering rush of love and light engulf me. A thunderous, beautiful voice called my name ‘Michelle’ three times. He blinded me and threw me to the floor. In that moment, I knew I was in the presence of the Lord!”

“From that day, my life has never been the same. God healed my heart and set me free,” Ntalami stated. “I’ve experienced a peace like no other. I’m not perfect. Walking with Christ is a journey. I was a sinner, saved by the Blood of Jesus. And my past life is a true testimony to this.

Following this experience, Ntalami withdrew from social media for a period of isolation and sanctification. Her return marks a new chapter in her life, fully dedicated to her faith. She aims to use her platform to glorify God and inspire others with her testimony.

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