Manhunt Underway: Police Trace Escaped Murder Suspect Kevin Kang’ethe Phone Signals to Machakos County

Written by on 9 February 2024

NAIROBI, Kenya, February 9 – A specialized multi-agency task force has been assembled to apprehend Kelvin Kang’ethe, the primary suspect implicated in the homicide of Kenyan nurse Margaret Mbitu at a United States airport last November, whose audacious escape from Muthaiga Police station left investigators shocked.

Sources within the police department, speaking to the media on Thursday, disclosed that they had tracked Kang’ethe’s cellphone signals to Machakos County and have now focused their search on the Nairobi Metropolis area.

This dedicated team aims to trace Kang’ethe’s movements and identify individuals he may have been in contact with over the past 48 hours, while also soliciting information from locals regarding his current whereabouts.

Authorities are also intent on determining whether Kang’ethe had any accomplices and how he managed to evade capture from the police station to Machakos County.

Eyewitnesses have shed light on Kang’ethe’s baffling escape, recounting how he exited the station’s gates without handcuffs and disappeared into the flow of traffic.

According to a nearby vendor who sells sweets, Kang’ethe was seen fleeing barefoot while being pursued by two men, with a vehicle trailing closely behind. The pursuit led eastward from the station toward the National Youth Service barracks.

Another witness observed two individuals pursuing Kang’ethe, one dressed in police uniform and the other in civilian clothing. However, both eventually returned to the station without apprehending him.

Despite police regulations permitting officers to use firearms to apprehend a fleeing suspect, no shots were fired during the pursuit.

There are speculations that Kang’ethe may have sought refuge in a nearby forest to evade capture.

In response to the incident, Nairobi Police chief Adamson Bungei ordered the arrest of four officers stationed at Muthaiga Police Station at the time of the escape, as well as the suspect’s purported lawyer. Their arrests aim to uncover the circumstances surrounding Kang’ethe’s brazen escape in broad daylight.

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