Kenyans React to Charlene Ruto’s Comment on TV: “Young People, Let’s not Sit and Be Lazy Share Your Ideas”

Written by on 8 February 2024

NAIROBI, Kenya, February 8- President William Ruto’s daughter, Charlene Ruto, ignited a social media storm with her recent remarks on Kenyan youth during a TV interview on February 7.

Encouraging youth to be proactive, she stated,

“I’d like to call on our young people, let’s not sit and be lazy. You are passionate about something, don’t give up on that.”

Urging them to initiate projects for income, she emphasized, “The best thing we can do for our young people is create opportunities for them.”

Charlene’s call for youth to participate in international platforms, particularly on issues like climate change, was underscored with, “We need young people to start and continue attending these international platforms because the more we are, the more we can fight for our space.”

However, her comments drew criticism on social media, with demands for an apology. Critics argued her privileged background might hinder her understanding of youth challenges, stating, “Her remarks came across as dismissive of the systemic issues contributing to youth unemployment.”

Despite the backlash, Charlene remains active with the Smachs Foundation, empowering Kenyan youth through sustainable agriculture and climate action.

However, Charlene’s remarks seemed to have stirred controversy and anger among some members of the youth community.

Social media platforms, particularly X, have been flooded with posts sharing the video of Charlene’s interview, demanding an apology from her.

They argued that her privileged background may have clouded her understanding of the realities experienced by many young people in the country.

Critics pointed out that Charlene’s position as the daughter of a prominent political figure may have shielded her from the struggles and hardships faced by ordinary Kenyan youth.

Here are some of the sentiments:
@kennetnmwiti –Charlene Ruto should stop mocking jobless youths, She should first advise his father to implement the ideas he promised Kenyans.

@ZebbyOtieno –Charlene Ruto thinks that we as youths are stupid and lazy.Little did she know that without the wealth and power she is in,she could be in the same mess the youths in Kenya are in.Countless ideas but little or no capital.


@ConradKulo- Kenyan youths are poor and have no jobs because they are lazy.” ~Charlene Ruto. This is rich coming from a girl whose father had free access to the CBK in 1992 under the YK92 faction. She was recently selected to some office, blood ambassador that is meaningless but still draws a salary from our taxes. Remember the office of the first daughter crap? Her other siblings were awarded tenders over 30bn at JKIA. The other one was appointed to some ambassadorial position in Poland, Charge D’Affaires. Kenyan youths are not lazy. You are privileged by your family at the expense of everyone else. You should put some respect to the Kenyan youths.
@BiancaNaom1- Don’t be LAZY! Don’t be LAZY! Charlene Ruto just said the BITTER truth that most of you find it hard to swallow! I’m shocked that some of you wear laziness as a BADGE of HONOUR , and you’re willing to go to any length to defend your laziness! Charlene Ruto is willing and ready to support your IDEAS. Anyway, if you feel aggrieved by her advice, you can continue being lazy and wallow in poverty forever!
@dan_nyagah – I don’t see anything wrong with this Charlene Ruto statement. Infact it’s a pure encouraging statement….. Don’t be lazy, get up and do what you think you’re best in doing. Work hard and be courageous with whatever you’re doing.
@Isaac_Otwoma – It is wrong for Charlene Ruto to label Kenyan youths as lazy. She should publicly apologize for her remarks.

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