Mike Sonko Gives Conjestina a Third and Final Chance, Readmitting her to Mombasa Women Rehabilitation Centre

Written by on 16 January 2024

NAIROBI, Kenya, January 15- Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has granted another opportunity for ex-Kenyan boxing champion Conjestina Achieng to undergo rehabilitation, responding to online reports suggesting a relapse following her visit to her rural home in Yala.

Sonko in a statement shared on Tuesday through his X account, declared that he is affording Conjestina a third and final chance in her healing journey. According to Sonko, Conjestina has been readmitted to the Mombasa Women Rehabilitation Centre to recommence her treatment.

“Even though our chances in Conjestina’s healing journey were watered down, I’m a person who doesn’t give up in life. It is for this reason that we have given Conjestina the third and last chance again on her case.”

Sonko clarified that Conjestina is now under the care of a team of specialists, including counselors, consultants, and physiatrists, as she begins her treatment afresh.

Recent reports indicating a relapse prompted Sonko to defend himself against allegations that he treated Conjestina’s case as a public relations stunt, providing ‘receipts’ to support his involvement.

Sonko responded by leaking a phone call with Congestina’s son, Charlton Otieno, via his X account. In the conversation, Sonko accused the family of undermining his efforts to assist Congestina, expressing frustration with the costly process.

I cannot be doing Congestina’s work all the time, and the Kenyans I am helping are so many. You should also play your part as a family. When she goes home, you let her go back to smoking. It is expensive. This process is very expensive,” he said.

Sonko revealed his disappointment and the financial strain of helping Congestina, emphasizing that he cannot bear the entire burden alone and urged the family to play their part. He criticized the family for allegedly allowing Congestina to resume her previous habits once she returns home, leading him to start the rehabilitation process anew.

“It is wasting my money and time, and it is not right. I did my best. The treatment is expensive, and paying doctors is also equally very expensive. This is embarrassing, and it looks like PR that I keep doing and abandoning,” he said.

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