Mike Sonko Defends Actions in Congestina Achieng’s Case Amid Accusations of PR Stunt: “I Did My Best”

Written by on 12 January 2024

NAIROBI, Kenya, January 12- Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has successfully defended himself against accusations by Kenyans who claimed he was using the case of renowned boxer Congestina Achieng for public relations purposes.

Media personality Carol Radull had shared photos of herself with the boxer, expressing frustration that she couldn’t do much to help Congestina’s situation.

On 2nd Jan I visited my friend Congestina Achieng in her shags in Yala. She’s been there about 2 months and is back to her same lifestyle. She has good days and bad days. When I arrived she was having a bad day but her face lit up when she saw me and we chatted for a long time as best we could. I tried with my layman ability to gently encourage her to ‘clean up her act,” Radull wrote.

Sonko responded by leaking a phone call with Congestina’s son, Charlton Otieno, via his X account. In the conversation, Sonko accused the family of undermining his efforts to assist Congestina, expressing frustration with the costly process.

I cannot be doing Congestina’s work all the time, and the Kenyans I am helping are so many. You should also play your part as a family. When she goes home, you let her go back to smoking. It is expensive. This process is very expensive,” he said.

Sonko revealed his disappointment and the financial strain of helping Congestina, emphasizing that he cannot bear the entire burden alone and urged the family to play their part. He criticized the family for allegedly allowing Congestina to resume her previous habits once she returns home, leading him to start the rehabilitation process anew.

“It is wasting my money and time, and it is not right. I did my best. The treatment is expensive, and paying doctors is also equally very expensive. This is embarrassing, and it looks like PR that I keep doing and abandoning,” he said.

Despite his frustrations, Sonko offered one final chance to assist Congestina, cautioning the family to fulfill their responsibilities. He threatened to withdraw his support if they failed to meet their obligations, insisting that they would be responsible for locating her in Siaya if needed.

You will be the ones to go to Siaya; look for her so that I can send people to come and get her,” he said.

Sonko also addressed Congestina’s dissatisfaction with being asked to take a bus, highlighting that he had used a flight during his visit to Nairobi.


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